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We believe our wealth of experience in handling complex financial misselling claims is unparalleled, an assertion backed by our proven track record of success in recovering large sums of money for our customers. Our knowledge and understanding of precisely what the Financial Services Compensation Scheme will look for enables us to offer you the best possible support and advice, and remove all the stress from your claim.

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To work endlessly to recover money for people who have suffered because they were given poor or negligent financial advice.

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Mis-sold Investment Schemes

Green Planet Investment Limited, based in Soho in London, promoted and sold investment opportunities with ‘guaranteed’ 30 percent returns on land and apartments in Brazil.

Approximately 300 investors poured the accumulated sum of £14,000,000 into the scheme, only to see the building works on the Genipabu Beach Club, White Sands Towers & White Sands Country Club never materialise or even get off the ground.

Like many failed investment schemes, much of the investors money (unbeknown to them) was used to fund slick & high-end sales pitches designed to get anyone & everyone aboard a ship which ultimately was always doomed to sink.

Many investors were even courted into high-pressure sales environments by being targeted and told they had been the lucky winners of a prize- a glass of champagne at the top of The Gherkin in Central London.

Unfortunately, once in the sights of these sales reps and their exaggerated performance guarantees, it would have been incredibly difficult to simply walk away from what was presented as the opportunity of a lifetime.

When Green Planet Investment Limited was ordered into liquidation in 2013, investors were left with no where to turn and the harrowing feeling of being conned out of their hard-earned money.

The director of Green Planet, Brett Jolly, is no stranger to controversial investment ploys, being the former director of a scam Carbon Credit company called Anglo-Capital Partners Ltd which was also ordered into liquidation.  He was also a Director of Capital Alternatives Sales and Marketing Limited.

What now?

The Claims Bureau would like to hear from anyone involved in the investment scams above, and promises to provide a transparent and efficient service to anyone wishing to see if they are now eligible to claim.

We have already claimed back over £23,000,000 for victims of financial mis-selling and bogus investment schemes, and this number continues to grow.

Contact us today on 01903 868251, our Specialist Claims Advisers are here to help.

Mis-sold Property Schemes

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Fuel Investments/IAP


MRI Sun set on a building site




Reclaim in Spain

Like hundreds of thousands of investors, a number of years ago you may have paid money to a Spanish developer for a deposit or stage payment on an off-plan property that was never built or was severely delayed.

Perhaps your developer went under during the Spanish property crash, leaving an empty plot or just the shell of a building where your dream home was supposed to be.

After all this time, how would you feel if you really could get your money back?

Well, that opportunity is now a reality.


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Pension Claims

There are thousands of UK residents who have lost their pensions due to a number of bogus Pension Liberation Schemes, Occupational Pension Transfers, and Self Invested Pension Plans (SIPP or SIPPs). In almost all of the foreign property investment projects we are working on, there are a number of people who were advised to transfer some or all of their pensions into a SIPP.

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Ethical Forestry

3,300 environmentally conscious UK investors are thought to have put a minimum of £18,000 each into sustainable Costa Rican forestry projects via Ethical Forestry, meaning it could have had over £50 million invested before the company went into liquidation leaving pension savers out of pocket.

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Timeshare Claims

According to the timeshare industry there are over six million timeshare owners worldwide – some of which are no doubt genuinely satisfied, but for many their timeshare – “Holiday Club”, “Fractional Ownership”, “Destination Club”, “Vacation Ownership” or whatever it was sold to them as has become an expensive drain on money and time for very little return.

If you were sold a timeshare our expert solicitors could help you get your money back.

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