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We were introduced to The Claims Bureau through Russell and Company Solicitors. Ten years earlier a mortgage broker had given us advice on releasing the equity in our house by re-mortgaging through him and using the funds to invest in properties in the UK and overseas. Under his guidance, we borrowed to the max and the monies were paid into the broker’s own property company. Within weeks of re-mortgaging our home and borrowing huge sums to invest in the properties, the banking crisis of 2007 struck.

Our broker continued to get us to release funds to invest in his property company, leading us to believe that all was fine and we could trust him – and we foolishly did trust him. The company went into liquidation and all monies were lost. We had tens of thousands of pounds added to our house mortgage and no assets to show for our money. We never heard from our financial broker after that.

We were under huge financial pressure just to meet the interest payments on our borrowings, which put enormous personal stress on our whole family – at several points, we thought we might have to walk away from our home and declare ourselves bankrupt. Having almost given up hope, our introduction to The Claims Bureau was the first time in 10 years when we dared to think we might get some resolution. Our contact there was Keith Merritt, who directed us through the whole process.  He was always on hand to help with any queries, he was patient and friendly in his approach (knowing we were complete novices to the process) and he gave us confidence that we had a strong case for the miss-selling of our mortgage.

In August 2017 we received good news from the FSCS that we were to be awarded the maximum allowance of £100,000 for a joint claim. Although this did not cover all of our losses it was life-changing for us. Enabling us now to plan for our financial future.

For the past 10 years a very dark cloud has hung over us, affecting many aspects of our lives and that of our family, but thanks to the professional experts at The Claims Bureau, we now have a much brighter future – we would not have achieved this result without them and we can’t thank them enough for their assistance. We would strongly recommend anyone going through a similar situation to get in touch with The Claims Bureau and seek their advice.

Mr and Mrs F


We have helped many people, just like you, to recover money they thought they had lost forever.

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Mr G

Mr G lost his hard earned pension investing with Harlequin and had abandoned all hope, until one day his solicitor referred him to the Claims Bureau.

Mr D & Mrs J-M

Mr D & Mrs J-M replied to a newspaper ad to invest with Harlequin in Caribbean property, only for it all to go horribly wrong. That is until we got them their money back.


We cannot thank the Mortgage Claims Bureau enough for all their hard work in getting us back the money we had invested in an overseas property via Harlequin Investments.

Instant Access Properties and Fuel Investments

Mr & Mrs A

Mr & Mrs A were referred to the Claims Bureau by previously successful clients. They were ecstatic to join our ever growing list of happy customers when they were awarded £79,000 by the FSCS.

Mr E

Mr E was advised to re-mortgage his home to raise enough capital to invest in UK buy-to-let property, but when the market dropped he was left in negative equity and eventually forced to sell at a heavy loss. He was delighted when we managed to get a significant amount of his money back.

Mr & Mrs C

Having lost their money in a badly advised property investment and suspicious of being caught up in another scam, Mr & Mrs C very nearly didn’t claim at all, but they were glad they did when they won their money back.

Dr & Mrs N

Dubious at first, Dr & Mrs N needed a lot of gentle persuasion, but now they’ve been awarded £76,000 they’re so glad they took the decision to return their forms to the Claims Bureau.

Mr & Mrs M

Mr & Mrs M were close to losing everything after re-mortgaging their home to invest with IAP/Fuel, but they have now been given a second chance after being awarded £100,000 thanks to the Claims Bureau

Mr W

Mr W went through 9 years of a personal hell trying to recover his lost deposit in the USA before he was referred to the Claims Bureau and now he has his money back!

Mr & Mrs C-H

We recovered money for Mr & Mrs C-H after their dream home in Spain was never built and they’d made a failed attempt to claim through the Spanish courts.

Mr & Mrs S

Mr & Mrs S lost money when they re-mortgaged their home to invest with IAP. After initial doubts they worked with us and received their FSCS pay-out in just 24 days!

Ocean View Properties

Mr & Mrs M

“We can now move on with our lives and put this horrendous episode behind us thanks to The Claims Bureau. From the bottom of my heart I thank you and we will be indebted to your professionalism and expertise forever.” Mr (& Mrs) M after their lives were shattered by advice to divert their savings to Ocean View Properties.

Mr & Mrs C

After taking advice from their IFA, Mr & Mrs C invested in their dream home only to come close to losing the roof above their heads, until they spoke with the Claims Bureau

Off-Plan Property Investments

Off-Plan Investor

Thanks so much to the team at The Mortgage Claims Bureau. It was a long slog over 2.5 years…. and to be honest I didn’t hold out a great amount of hope. I’d always wanted to become a property investor, but didn’t know how to, so I was an easy catch and had been mesmerised […]

– Mr Martin Smith and Mrs Christine Smith

My wife and I worked hard to build our own house… And having almost completed it used a large amount of equity generated in it to invest in some Off Plan properties in America and Spain based on the financial advice to “diversify in different countries as one country may suffer recession but not all”.  […]


Successful Claim

We were introduced to the Claims Bureau after we had been persuaded to join an “investment opportunity” which actually cost us more money as time progressed, with no apparent prospect of a return of any dividends or the original deposit. The Claims Bureau were diligent in tracing historical actions to the smallest detail before investigating […]

Reclaim in Spain

Mr & Mrs Whickman

Mr & Mrs Whickman had good reasons not to want to rake over 11 years of bad memories and chase what they believed was nothing more than a slender hope of reclaiming money they lost when investing in Spain. Now they have it all back and more besides.