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As it stands today, The Claims Bureau employs over 30 people across two sites and has partners and clients based throughout the world.

We have successfully helped our clients recover in excess of £16 million to date, with another £100 million worth of claims currently in progress. This is in addition to the tens of millions our panel of expert law firms have helped clients recover.

Our work is far from done, in fact, it is ever growing, with over 1500 active claims currently underway with many more to come.

As we’ve grown, our portfolio of services has become ever more extensive with the company handling claims across a range of areas. These include:






Most of you will be unaware that our Chairman, Peter O’Donnell has been on a very similar journey you, having lost significant sums in a high-risk investment scheme.

He has always been very open about his experience as it is the reason he is so passionate about what we do.

Like you, I was encouraged into the scheme against my better judgement. I did so through releasing equity from my home, I know many of you did the same and others used your pensions and savings.

I always look back now with the benefit of hindsight and think about what I did and how I would do it differently the second time around. I came to realise that the damage done was much greater than just the financial impact. It impacted on my marriage, my health and my ability to trust, most notably the types of professions that were involved such as Banks, Solicitors and Financial Advisers.

It has taken a lot for me to come full circle and be in the position I am in today. When my event occurred, there was no one around willing or able to help. I tried many avenues, wasted many hours and spent huge sums seeking justice to no avail.

This is why I have always been so passionate about what we do and one of the reasons we try so hard to help.

We continue to listen to our clients and the feedback we have been getting is, where do people turn for financial advice.

Providing a robust aftercare service to our clients is very important and one that we take very seriously. Having been through so much, trust in the industry for many retail consumers is at an all-time low.

We have therefore taken the time to find a firm that has experience of, and the expertise required in, providing sound, impartial and transparent financial advice to our clients.


We are now pleased to introduce Cadence Wealth.


Cadence Wealth Logo

Cadence Wealth is a holistic Financial Advisory company who deal with all aspects of an individual’s financial affairs. The foundations of Cadence come from over a decade of working with clients who have been victims of inappropriate and often unregulated investment “advice”, and the subsequent structuring of their finances to ensure that moving forward an individual has a clear, measured and robust platform to ensure their money is working for them in the way that it should be.

The core of the business has been centered around sports people, a demographic who have been even more susceptible to such schemes than most, and therefore have a great need to have financial advice from a company who focus on wealth preservation and sustainable, realistic growth rather than too good to be true, astronomical returns. This model has been refined and adapted to make sure that all Cadence clients, sporting and working professional alike, receive the same quality of advice and that each aspect of their portfolio is working in the same direction; a vital but under appropriated strategy across the industry.

Cadence has teamed up with The Claims Bureau to make sure that their clients receive the quality of aftercare that individuals such as yourselves deserve, and to ensure that the advice you receive going forward is not only completely transparent but importantly falls in line with your own financial goals. To that end, Cadence is happy to offer a full review of your financial situation (not just focusing on any potential questions raised from your recent successful claim, but also on your incumbent investments and your plans for the future) and working with you on structuring a plan going forward.

Cadence specialise in pension advice/consolidation, investment structuring, ISAs, protection (Life and Critical Illness Cover), mortgages and any other financial vehicles or investments available on the market.


If you would like to know more please either contact us directly on 01903 868251, pressing option 1 or alternatively you may wish to inquire directly with Cadence Wealth.


This can be done either online by completing the form or by contacting them at info@cadence-wealth.co.uk or 0203 036 0242.


Visit cadence-wealth.co.uk or fill out their enquiry form.

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