Since our establishment, The Claims Bureau has seen an enormous growth in resources, success, client-base & industry knowledge, all of which has contributed to reclaiming over £20,000,000 in compensation through our in-house claims team.

Alongside our passion for helping victims of financial mis-selling, we are also proud and vigilant in our working routines, ensuring that we not only abide by the regulations of our Claims Management Regulator (CMR but that we excel in our customer service to establish a reputation for excellence in the industry and not “just another Claims Management Company”.

This vision has naturally led us to healthy working relationships with other CMCs who share the same outlook has us, and today we are proud to announce that we have become members of the Professional Financial Claims Association (PFCA).

The PFCA was set-up to raise the bar for CMCs and ensure that consumers are given the highest level of service when trusting companies such as The Claims Bureau to manage a compensation claim with the consumer’s best interests at heart.

In their own words, “Putting Consumers First is at the heart of the Professional Financial Claims Association’s objectives. Members undertake to work to the highest ethical and professional standards when dealing with Consumers, financial institutions and other parties associated with the process of Financial Dispute Resolution Management.”

Moving forward, we are excited about how our membership of the PFCA will benefit our existing & prospective consumers. As ever, we will continue to strive for excellence & deliver not just successful claims but also a transparent & consumer-friendly journey throughout.

For further information, please visit the PFCA Website at You can view our Code of Practice at



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