The claims process

We keep it simple for you.

How it works


Do you have a claim?

We need to assess whether you have a claim

Complete our simple 1-minute Enquiry Form.

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Three steps and your claim is underway

If, based on the information you have given us in your Enquiry Form you have good grounds for making a claim, we will be here all the way to help guide you through the process.

  1. We will send you our Claims Application Form in which you tell us the facts, figures and story of your investment(s) to the best of your knowledge. We will be on hand should you have any questions or require assistance.

  2. We will also help explain the type of supporting evidence you will need to find before returning everything to us, or advise how you can still claim even if you no longer have your paperwork.

  3. With our Application Form, we will also send you our Client Care letter explaining your rights, our Terms of Business, which clearly describes how we will act for you and Letters of Authority in which you grant us permission to request information from third parties on your behalf. Simply read, sign and return them with your application.

    And that’s it!


Processing your claim

We start to gather evidence

Once we have received your Application Form, other signed documents and any supporting evidence you have supplied we will, if necessary, contact other organisations to obtain further information to support your claim.

When this is complete we will use all our skills and experience to write and present your case to the FSCS in a manner wholly compliant with their regulation and systems – and of course, we will keep you informed along the way. You will always know the name of the Claims Bureau team member handling your claim at any stage of the process.


FSCS decision

When the FSCS have reached their decision they will inform you by letter, also sending us a copy. If their decision is to award you redress, we will check all their calculations against ours to ensure you have been awarded the appropriate amount.



The FSCS normally send payment to us within 10 working days of the decision letter. From this amount we deduct our fees (30% inclusive of VAT) and transfer the balance directly to your bank account.