You may be eligible to claim compensation if cavity wall insulation has damaged your property or you have suffered adverse health affects as a result of the damp and mould caused by poorly fitted CWI.

What is the Problem with Cavity Wall Insulation?

Most dampness problems do not show up in the initial weeks following installation

Problems become apparent after two or three winters, or sometimes even longer.

Some customers will have dampness and condensation problems that they do not realise are caused by the CWI, and will therefore not have reported them to anyone, this is particularly true if the installation took place prior to them moving into the home.


This problem has been exacerbated by the recent increase in unusual weather events such as flooding.

Others have not noticed any physical symptoms, but neither have they seen the promised reductions in their fuel bills.


If the walls and insulation hold moisture, any subsequent evaporation will actually cause a reduction in the thermal insulation qualities of the wall. This is a similar effect to that of wearing wet clothes, it doesn’t matter how many layers you wear, if they are wet, you will feel cold.

Damp walls and condensation

Moisture, peeling wallpaper and condensation on windows & other cold surfaces

Subsidence and buckling walls

Causing walls to buckle and and other structural problems

Rot and mould

Rotting wood work as well as mould, mildew and fungus growth

Energy bills not being reduced

Energy bills not being reduced or in some circumstances increasing.