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Did you invest your money into the DOLPHIN TRUST?


The bubble has burst on the international investment scheme that promised the earth, but delivered very little – and the company’s assets amount to only a fraction of the losses.


But there are ways for many UK investors to recover some or all of their funds.


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Dolphin Trust In Administration


The Dolphin Trust GmBH, now known as German Property Group (GPG) was an investment scheme specialising in the purchase, refurbishment, and sale of listed property.


The stated business model of the company was to buy derelict buildings in prime locations which it would then develop into luxury property. In May 2019 the German Property Group was exposed by the BBC after an investigation discovered that many thousands of investors had not received any of the returns they had been promised. 

The company is now in administration in Germany. Creditors can register for a share of any money from the assets recovered, but the process can take years and the likelihood of receiving anything more than ‘pennies in the pound’ from the German liquidation is very low.



The Dolphin Trust raised an estimated £1.6 billion using a large network of well over 100 introducers, before it entered administration. Some were regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), whilst others were not.


These introducers were paid up to 20% of the value of investments made by their clients.


Many of them also arranged or advised on the best way to finance the investment.


There were three main payment routes that investments were made into Dolphin/ GPG:

  • Transferring an existing pension into a SIPP which was then invested

  • Transferring existing pensions into a SSAS which was then invested 

  • Investing cash (non-pension related money)directly in the scheme



The benefits and returns offered by The Dolphin Trust were exceptional – and for the most part false promises. Below is an extract from one of their sales brochures


Key features of the Investment:

  • Dolphin Capital GmbH has a five-year trading history and has completed over 200 projects   

  • A full track record is available for the scrutiny of Investors and their appointed advisors 

  • A detailed Due Diligence folder is readily available for examination

  • The minimum Investor Return offered by Dolphin is 12% per annum 

  • Interest rates of up to 15% per annum are achievable when the longer-term options are chosen. 1, 3 & 5-year term options are available 

  • The Investment is secured with a first Legal Charge on the asset – German Listed Property

  • The asset class resides in the country of Germany

  • The Dolphin Capital GmbH investment is SIPP approved by Stadia Trustees & Greyfriars


A wide variety of claims can be made to recover your investments, for example, claims against regulated introducers that are no longer trading can be made to The Financial Services Compensation Scheme or via The Financial Ombudsman if the companies are still trading and are solvent.

In other instances, legal action may be appropriate against other culpable individuals, companies, financial organisations, introducers, or insurance providers, dependent on the circumstances of the investments and how they were made.

The first stage is to assess each claim individually, but also in context of other potential claims to identify systemic breaches of guidelines, laws, and financial guidelines from the people/companies that you dealt with.

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We will respond to each of you with an email and phone call to discuss your individual circumstances, what you went through, and to explain how your claim will be dealt with. 

Dolphin Trust - are you eligible to make a claim
Claims Bureau - German Property Group
Many false promises were made by the German Property Group and those who sold it. If you invested in the Dolphin Trust (GPG), get in contact with us as soon as possible, we can start your claim without delay.

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