Inside Track &

Instant Access Properties

Anyone who attended IAP’s seminars and lost money as a result may be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation, enquire below for one of our expert advisers to assess your claim.


Discounted Property Opportunities

Inside Track & Instant Access Properties (IAP) worked together for several years to promote ‘discounted property opportunities’ to thousands of prospective investors as part of their exclusive property club.

High-Pressure Sales

Developments across the UK, Florida, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus & more were all sold to the targeted buyers with high-pressure sales tactics and the promise of a better life post-retirement.

Inside Track Administration

A massive proportion of these developments failed to ever materialise or were built to a much lower value than was initially promised. When Inside Track went into administration in April 2008, thousands of investments were left with enormous debts & seemingly nowhere to turn.

Fuel Investments Ltd

The Inside Track Dream

A third company which formed a key part of the Inside Track model was an organisation called Fuel Investments Ltd. Regulated & authorised to give Financial Advice by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Fuel were instrumental to selling the Inside Track dream.

Fuel and IAP Seminars

Fuel were on-hand at IAP seminars to meet with potential buyers and help them to come up with a plan that will allow them to invest in as many properties as possible and put them on their way to financial freedom. This plan often involved re-mortgaging their residential property and using this equity to fund off-plan deposits.

Failed Investments

When the investments failed, thousands were left with the very real prospect of losing their home.

FCA Authorised

As Fuel were authorised by the FCA, victims of their miss-selling are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). We have already recovered over £20 million in compensation for victims of Fuel Invesments.