GPC Sipp Pension Claims

GPC Sipp administers assets worth £130m, and administrators Adam Stephens and Henry Shinners of Smith & Williamson are looking for ways to rescue the company with a hope of selling it in order to get the best outcome for its clients.

The FSCS, however, have already started accepting claims for the failed investments that clients of the firm had put their pensions into. Millions of pounds of claims are on their way to the FSCS as GPC Sipp Limited, formerly known as Guardian Pension Consultants have entered administration.

GPC Sipp actually went insolvent due to around 2,700 Sipps holding alternative investments of which, several failed, this includes investments such as Harlequin Properties which was famously known as the luxury hotel development that was never built.

This drained the resources of the company and were unable to continue business as normal whilst focusing on the complaints and eventually had to go into insolvency.

So far, 141 clients of the company banded together to take legal action against the firm, all of which have been compensated by the FSCS. At the time of their claims, the compensation limit was £50,000 per person per claim, hence they decided to take legal action, as some of their investment was unrecoverable from the FSCS. The limit has now gone up to £85,000 per person per claim.

The FSCS have released a statement inviting more clients of GPC to come forward with their claim.

If you would like support in making a claim, we have expertise in the pensions area of claims management and would be happy to assist you in making a claim. The Claims Bureau have got the ability to access documentation on your behalf and submit your claim to the FSCS for you.

If you have put your pension into any of the following investments you may have grounds to claim:

  • Freedom Bay

  • Global Plantations Limited

  • Los Pandos

  • Ethical Forestry

  • Mosaic

  • Green Oil Plantations

  • Sustainable Agroenergy

  • Harlequin

  • Pure Diamonds

  • Global Forestry Investments

  • Ecoplanet Bamboo

  • Harmony Bay

  • Gas

  • Invest Us

  • EOS Solar

  • Merco Bond & Merco Bond 1726

  • Rimondi Grand

Please get in touch with us to discuss your potential claim. If you invested with GPC Sipp we could help you submit your claim to the FSCS.

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