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What Happened?

Via financial advisers, up to six thousand people, mainly from the UK, paid £400,000,000 into Harlequin’s Caribbean property investments. With the backing of ‘guaranteed returns’ of 10% a year and celebrity endorsements, who could blame them?

But ultimately Harlequin completed just a handful of their buildings, leaving most investors without either their money, their investment or, of course, any of their ‘guaranteed returns’.

If you were one of the thousands of people who were advised by a financial adviser or broker to re-mortgage your home, or transfer your pension (SIPP) and used it to invest in a Harlequin property, we could help you recover your money.


Can I Recover my Harlequin Investment?

"I was stunned & pleasantly surprised to find out that my claim was successful, bearing in mind that another Claims Management Company had tried in vain for over 2 years to obtain compensation!"

A Harlequin Victim and Satisfied Claims Bureau Client

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The Claims Bureau Limited are a claims management company. You do not have to use our service as you are entitled to make a claim yourself for free, either to the person against whom you wish to complain or to the relevant statutory ombudsman (The Financial Ombudsman Service or The Pension Ombudsman Service), or the statutory compensation scheme (The Financial Services Compensation Scheme) if it falls within their remit, providing where applicable you have approached the company in question first.


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