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We have an experienced team dedicated to structuring Ocean View Properties claims, who have already won a number of cases against the company and understand exactly how to structure your claim in the best possible way.

Before going into liquidation in 2009, Ocean View Properties (OVP) sold well over 3, 000 off-plan properties to UK clients for a typical deposit of around £ 70, 000 per unit. The company ran its own nationwide franchise, but also sold directly to the public and used a number of sales agents too.



A comprehensive advertising campaign, luxury inspection tours and bespoke sales presentations all added credibility to the dream that was being peddled by OVP.

As an investor, you probably took advice from an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) or Broker firm recommended to you by Ocean View Properties, or you may have even dealt directly with OVP and one of the company directors. The IFA or broker will have performed their sales pitch using numerous documents to try and persuade you to invest in an ‘ off plan’ property.


The brochures showed beautiful holiday homes in stunning locations that promised ‘Guaranteed Returns’ , possible tax benefits, and up to 35 weeks a year rental income. This advice, combined with the unflattering UK financial market at the time, led to you believe this was a sound investment to make.

Indeed, some earlier properties were in fact completed, such as some parts of the ‘Gardens of Manilva’ development in Spain, but various reports show that they were finished to a very poor standard and since completion, a good many have plummeted in value.

Unbelievably other developments, such as ‘Estepona Beach and Country Club’ also in Spain, were sold by OVP even though planning permission on these properties had never been granted! When investors uncovered the truth they were offered plots within the luxury 5* development in the ‘Punta Perla’ resort that OVP was planning to build in the Dominican Republic.


Unfortunately, even today, you can still walk across the empty wasteland where the resort and golf club were supposed to have been built years ago.

“I can feel myself welling up inside as I write this testimonial. The relief and impact on our family has been amazing… We will be indebted to your professionalism and expertise forever.”

OVP Investor and Claims Bureau Customer


We are also handling a number of claims relating to other non-existent OVP developments in Turkey and Morocco.

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