Plevin PPI Claims

Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP's) were designed as a way for pension holders to take control of their pension, and place it in an alternative investment, such as off-plan overseas property, wine production or carbon credits.


A Self-Invested Person Pension (SIPP) typically involves a person moving their pension funds into an investment/asset. More than a million people in the UK have transferred their pensions into SIPPs with the majority being happy with their returns.


Sadly we have had many clients transfer their hard earned cash into high-risk SIPP pensions below through poor financial advice. Discovering their pension values severely reduced or even dropped to zero through these investments being seriously flawed or with no little chance of success we, with our wealth of claims experience have helped many people recover their losses.


Failed German investment scheme specialising in the refurbishment of listed buildings



Resort Group

Unregulated advice given for the failed investment scheme for the Ramada Resort Akbuk Hotel, Turkey


Pension funds placed in high risk, non-standard investments, some now illiquid


GPC Limited


Includes failed investments such as Harlequin Properties that were never built.


We represent hundreds of people who were advised to transfer their pensions into SIPPs that were used to pay deposits on failed investment schemes, including property, that have collapsed. 


This also includes invested companies that have ceased trading or alternatively still in business.

Although every case is different, our claims against the IFAs (Independent Financial Advisors) who advised their clients to take out these financial schemes and against the companies that organised the ‘wrapper’ that the money was transferred into have shown a very high success rate.


This year we expect to recover more money for our clients because the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme), the safety net for members of the public who have been mis-sold financial services has allocated funds to compensate people who were wrongly advised to transfer their money into SIPPs pensions.


We are here to support you if you have been a victim of financial loss through:


  • Your pension losing it's value

  • Mis-informed advice about the risks involved and what would happen

  • Alternative products being offered

If you have been mis-sold a high-risk investment get in contact with us as soon as possible we so can start your claim without delay.

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