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The 5 Stages of Making a Claim

As with everything you do, there needs to be a process. Making a Claim can be complex but if you use our handy guide below you can prepare for what you may need!

The Claiming process is incredibly daunting for most, here at The Claims Bureau, we do the work for you so the weight is off your shoulders, here's how it works:

1. Of course, first things first... do you actually have a claim? We know it can be very stressful when you have been mis-sold something or had a cowboy rip you off, we understand how difficult times can get when something like this has happened to you. We are completely transparent with clients and if we feel you have a claim, we will tell you upfront, equally, we hate wasting peoples time so will tell you if we do not think your claim could be successful at that time. The first step you need to take is to make contact with us, you'll be under no obligation with us so we won't pressure you into it, we will just simply assess your case and tell you if we think it could be worth pursuing. Speak to one of our friendly team members today on 01903 868 251.

2. Once we have done our assessment, we'll need to begin the process of getting your claim underway. The first thing we'll do once we have assessed your case is send you our claims application form, we know that filling out forms can be a pain but in order to open your case we will need that information. If there is something that you do not understand or you'd like a helping hand, we are happy to work through your application form with you over the phone or if you're local, you can pop into the office.

With our application form, we will also send you our client care letter which outlines your rights. It also explains our terms of business, which clearly describes how we will act for you and letters of authority in which you grant us permission to request information from third parties on your behalf. Simply read, sign and return them with your application.

3. Stage three of the process is where you can sit back a bit whilst we are hard at work building your case. We will gather the evidence needed, you may need to be available occasionally to help us find some if we cannot locate it. Once all the evidence is together we will write your case to be submitted to the FSCS or FOS. You will be kept updated throughout the process and will always know the name of the people handling your case.

4. This is the stage that is key because its when the FSCS or FOS come to a decision about your case. They will send you a letter and send us a copy too. If their decision is to award you redress, we will review the calculations against ours, to ensure that you have been awarded the appropriate amount.

5. If your case has been successful the fifth stage is the best part, life changing for some. The money awarded takes around 10 days to be paid from the date of the decision letter. Your money will come straight to us , from this amount, we deduct our fees (25% inclusive of VAT) and transfer the balance directly to your bank account.

Don't delay! Call us today on 01903 868 251.

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