Interest Rate Hedging Products (“IRHPs”) such as Swaps, Collars or Caps are complex financial products that are often sold by banks to small or medium-sized businesses.

In many cases, IRHPs were imposed upon businesses as a condition of lending and sold as ‘protection’ or ‘insurance’ against rising interest rates.

Businesses often entered into IRHP arrangements, unaware of the risks the IRHP carried and often found the IRHP resulted in at least one of the following experiences:

  • Having to make substantial, unexpected interest payments for the IRHP;

  • Being required to pay large breakage or cancelation fees to exit the IRHP.

Worse still, numerous businesses have subsequently discovered that the IRHP they entered into is a separate product to the underlying loan. As a result, the business is required to continue making payments under the IRHP, even after the loan has been repaid.

How we can help

We can help your business to recover interest payments made under the IRHP, cancellation fees for terminating the IRHP, and various other losses incurred, such as additional bank fees and charges. In obtaining successful outcomes for our clients, we have already recovered over £30 million in relation to mis-sold Interest Rate Hedging Products, acting on over 100 IRHP mis-selling cases.

We are flexible in our approach, and are able to recover damages through various avenues, such as the Financial Conduct Authority IRHP Review Scheme, the Financial Ombudsman Service or court proceedings against the bank.