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Spanish Mortgage Claims
For many people the lure of a life in the sun became very expensive.

The Spanish banks have been proven to unlawfully add additional products to mortgages such as Insurances, excessive set up fees and PPI amounting to millions of Euros.

Working with our Spanish Legal team we can now claim these back. 

If you took out a mortgage from a Spanish bank to buy your home in the sun there is a very high likelihood that the whole process was loaded with extra charges, insurances that were not necessary, or unlawful contracts that ensured your monthly premiums never reduced, even though the European Bank interest rates dropped through the floor.


Over the last few years, the Spanish Supreme Courts, and European Central Courts, under the pressure of thousands of claims, have ruled against the banks, brokers and insurance companies who flagrantly took unfair advantage of UK buyers exploiting the language difficulties.

Between them, they have introduced and enforced a wide series of laws, regulations and case precedents that have made it possible for you to RECLAIM for all the overcharged or mis-sold financial products associated with buying your home or investment property in Spain plus the lost interest.

Working alongside a Spanish Lawfirm called Abolex (who have recovered more than 50 million Euros from Spanish banks, more information can be found at Abolex are currently acting on behalf of more than two thousand UK and exPat clients. Abolex are fully regulated, have expert knowledge in all these claims, and know how to recover your money. - And they don’t charge anything if you don’t win*. The Claims Bureau receives a recommendation fee for introducing your case to the Spanish law firm. Our fee is paid by the law firm. We do not take any fees from you.

A short, five minute call with The Claims Bureau team will tell you if and how you are eligible to claim.

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